The African bushveld is Mother Nature’s own theatre in the round: intriguing, enthralling, yet entirely spontaneous and unrehearsed. There are heroes and villains, plots and sub-plots, story lines and characters, symphonies and solos. There's never a dull moment. All this, set against a sumptuous backdrop of sunshine, fresh air, good company and wide open spaces. Come and be a part of it on one of our safaris.

Here to help you.

Choosing a safari can be extremely challenging. We're here to help you, to simplify the safari world for you and help you make a choice that suits you: your timing, your preferred destination, your style. Tell us what kind of safari you're looking for. Not sure? We can advise ... just ask. We offer a simple booking service, all-inclusive, and we make sure you have all the info you need before you set off on your trip.

A taste of our tours ...

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We are parked under a massive bushveld tree called a jackalberry. You'd never know there was a leopard up there, feeding on its kill. But William, our eagle-eyed tracker, spotted it as we were driving. We slowed down. Our ranger Nick warned us to be very still and not stand up. He cut the engine. At first, we didn't even see it, even though it was just a few meters above our heads. And then suddenly, a twitch of the tail there is was, this beautiful wild leopard, perfectly camouflaged in the dappled shade. We are quietly watching, spellbound. I want this moment to last forever....

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Finally, we move off. On the open safari vehicle, there are six of us, plus our game ranger and tracker. The sun is out after a cool night, there's a hint of a breeze - just a gentle caress on bare arms. We stop for coffee, also to stretch our legs, and we bubble over with delight. Our ranger and tracker are the best. Real stars! It feels so good to be alive, right here, right now ......

What's next?

Choose a tour you like and chat to us. We'll do our best to make it fit your timing. Make sure you book well in advance and we'll get you the best choices. The lodges we like (in case you were wondering) are small, exclusive, very comfortable and as authentic as can be - the sense of "Out of of Africa" is all there. The perfect setting for a rare and special experience.

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