The Safari Desk.

Drawers full of safari ideas.

On safari, you get so much more.”

It’s quite a business, going on safari. So welcome to my safari desk – it’s packed with good safari ideas. I’m Marianne Birrell, an independent, specialist African safari planner and facilitator. Why do I beat the drum for the Kruger National Park region of South Africa? Because there’s arguably no better destination for a first African safari. But it’s not the only pack in the safari desk. Let’s have a look.

Folder 1: view the terrain.

Africa is huge, and not all safari regions look and feel the same. Some areas are drier, others more forested. Some safari destinations are easier to get to than others, and have a more sophisticated tourism infrastructure. Others are more remote, and offer a strong sense of space, of pristine, right-off-the-grid, ancient Africa. Choose your level of adventure. It’s yours to suit your desires. More safari pointers here ..

Folder 2: a matter of style.

What makes a perfect safari for you? Is it a gorgeous bush lodge? Perhaps it’s seeing as much of Africa’s wild creatures in the wild as possible? Or is it just being there – in it. Wild, tasting and breathing real freedom, letting it soothe and heal your frazzled soul? What speaks to you? A lively, sociable lodge or a small, intimate lodge or camp? Tell us. More safari insights here ..

Folder 3: right time, right place.

Timing is all, and it’s a good idea to know a bit about our climate. Choose your season. Yes, we do have seasons, but in general, Africa is blessed with sunshine galore. So, winters will have cool nights with mostly sunny days, and summers may can get hot in January and February. Game viewing is excellent year round. More safari timing details here ..

Top drawer: your safari.

There are two ways to unlock the safari desk.

We offer you a book-your-own trip option, as well as a full booking service.

Option 1: your safari, your way.

Option 2: your safari, fully booked.

Yours: 55 years of experience.

My business is small and personal. I work closely with two great associates, John Grant and Ute Sonnenberg, within a wide network of safari specialists in all African safari regions. Cumulatively, we have more than 55 years safari expertise. Our booking prices will be fair. We use transfer connections at sensible times, with meet-and-greet services at each stop.

Our ***** reviews.

“From day 1, good recommendations to make our trip to our expectations. All 14 days were above expectations, hotels, transfers, lodging, all safaris both on water, by car, walks with rangers, service at all camps, just all perfect. We did six places in 3 countries all smooth. Good job Marianne!”

“Thank you for a beautifully planned trip, Marianne.”

“I normally do everything myself, but knowing that inside knowledge in Africa is very helpful, this time I went with an agent to set up a few safaris in South Africa. Marianne Birrell set everything up for me better than I could have done it myself after weeks of research.”

“Kruger park with Rhino safaris located in the parc was an excellant choice with an excellant guide for a walking safari, Victoria Falls visit and Batonka new lodges were again a perfect  choice for us. Chobe river was also a different kind of safari that we enjoyed very much. Finally our stay in the Okavango Delta with elephant so close from the tent and treking in the bush was a perfect choice.”

Consistently excellent lodges.

The mark of a truly outstanding safari is characterised by two constant fundamentals: great lodgings and great game rangers. We have found those lodges, and more: our best picks have a little extra magic thrown in as well, just for good measure. We unpack why this matters, in our 7 plans.

Proven value for money.

It’s a question of always exceeding expectations, which is the hallmark of a super-successful safari, be it a honeymoon, a bucket list travel item or simply a strong desire to experience something beautiful and untainted in nature.