Safari Life.

On safari, you’ll see extraordinary sights. Real life in its most abundant and interesting shapes and forms, up close, with all your senses catching every nuance, every breeze. Wild and free finds its true home here. Watch it fill an ever-expanding canvas of balance and connectedness, each creature in its proper place and each landmark with a message and backstory. Hear it; smell it; live it. Take your place in this exquisite landscape.

Ask yourself: is there something you have wanted to do for ages or some place you’ve wanted to visit for the longest time? It may have been whispering to you, or floating at the edges of your vision ~ a simpler space, where the pace is unhurried, where you can breathe. You’ll find it on safari, where you think “yes, I see, I get it, now.” It’s intoxicating. And you won’t want to leave.

Safari bookings & tours.

Safari life team.

This is us, Marianne, John and Ute. We deliver the authentic heart of safari life to you with knowledge and expertise. We have the organisational skills, experience and know-how to help you plan your perfect African safari. You’ll also receive advice on the quickest connections, the best game reserves, and the top value safari lodges. Test us.

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