Please meet ... Africa's master safari guides.

example graphic To be guided by one of Africa’s top game rangers is an experience that re-shapes and re-defines the African safari. These safari greats lift a great safari to an exceptional level. Ask anyone who has been on safari before ~ they’ll tell you. It’s a simple truth. A spectacular safari is about all about good guiding. You can hire one of the Great Guides for your group or family, and the rewards will be infinitely worth it. This is as good as a safari can possibly get.

Who are they?

example graphic UK author Suzie Cazenove published an excellent book called Licensed to Guide, which introduces us to safari legends like Calvin Cottar, John Stevens, Map Ives and Robin Pope. Read it and be totally inspired by the lives of these legends. Others like Paddy Hagelthorn and Steve Edwards share their wealth of knowledge with safari guests in their own lodges.This is without question the perfect hands-on safari experience.

example graphic A new wave of great guides is currently in the making, like Philip Andrew of Ulusaba, Rob Vamplew of Idube and Graham Cooke formerly of Djuma. We watch and listen and try to keep up with them. David Foot, Garth Owen-Smith, Richard Knocker, Mothupi Morutha, Jackson Ole Looseyia and Juan Pinto are just a few more big names in the guiding world, all of them acclaimed. Robin Pope is a legend with 30 years of outstanding guiding under the belt.

Where are they?

example graphic Each area has its legendary guides. Every hour spent with such an expert guide brings an enrichment experience that’s almost impossible to put a price on. Ask us - we can recommend private safaris with one or more of these outstanding guides. They prefer to lead small groups, friends and families, of 6 to 10 guests. They supply the itinerary and tented accommodation, and show you their Africa.

Prices start at?

If you plan to do a family or group safari, and would like one of these Master Guides to lead your safari, the trick is to plan well in advance, because their safari schedules fill up very fast. Six nights in top Botswana wildlife areas start at US$5,995 per person sharing double accommodation in 2018. Subject to availability and season.

A personally guided safari is a rare privilege and a gift.

Marianne Birrell Safaris ~ for a guided safari of a lifetime.