The Perfect Safari

the perfect african safari

Your perfect safari.

Hello. My name is Marianne Birrell and I’m a safari planner and organiser. My main area of safari expertise is the private game reserves in and around the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Are you ready? Then let’s go on the perfect safari! Please note: photographic safaris only; no hunting safaris are offered. Not now; not ever.

Safari talk.

Tell us a bit about your safari thoughts – what’s your safari dream? Use the guide below; and there is no obligation required from you.

Please note that your details are private and we will never share them with anyone.

(For example, sleeping out, extended walks, bird photography ... )

Our service ethic.

My safari business is small and personal, with service at the forefront. I work closely with two great associates, John Grant and Ute Sonnenberg, within a wider network of safari specialists in all regions. Our price will be fair. We use transfer connections at sensible times, and we’ll ensure meet-and-greet services on your journey for peace of mind.

We make it happen.

Based on your input, we’ll send you ideas on where, when, and how, as well as tips on discounts and seasonal specials. We’ll guide you on price, too. Then we’ll do the booking admin details. More background …

Our added value.

We communicate quickly and efficiently, making us easy and comfortable to work alongside. Plus, we have no vested interest. Repeat, no vested interest, in any one safari lodge or corporation. It matters. Because it means we do not let commission levels dictate which destinations we recommend. Instead, we pick lodges based only on unflinchingly superb safari experiences and value. Browse some of our safari plans …

Safari questions answered.

A safari is a big journey, and for many, it is outside of the usual holiday comfort zone. There is much for you to know so that expectations can be met. Read the questions most often asked by first time safari travellers here …

Some stellar safari lodges.

Here’s a peek at some of our perfect safari lodge choices. Two criteria are non-negotiable: great game rangers, and great safari lodges and camps. We found them here, and then some – they also add character, authenticity and luxe into the mix. The result is pure magic.

They trusted us; we delivered.

“From day 1, good recommendations to make our trip to our expectations. All 14 days were above expectations, hotels, transfers, lodging, all safaris both on water, by car, walks with rangers, service at all camps, just all perfect. We did six places in 3 countries all smooth. Good job Marianne!”

“Thank you for a beautifully planned trip, Marianne.”

“I normally do everything myself, but knowing that inside knowledge in Africa is very helpful, this time I went with an agent to set up a few safaris in South Africa. Marianne Birrell set everything up for me better than I could have done it myself after weeks of research.”

“Kruger park with Rhino safaris located in the parc was an excellant choice with an excellant guide for a walking safari, Victoria Falls visit and Batonka new lodges were again a perfect  choice for us. Chobe river was also a different kind of safari that we enjoyed very much. Finally our stay in the Okavango Delta with elephant so close from the tent and treking in the bush was a perfect choice.”

Oh, the fun …

Did we mention how much fun safari life is? Huge. It’s not the perfect safari unless you remember the feel-good. Enjoy the birthday ride put together by staff at one of the Cape game reserves recently.

… and ohh the memories.

Perfect safari memories are made of this … get hooked on this webcam, courtesy of Djuma Game Reserve, Sabi Sand Reserve.