The Perfect Safari

Finding the perfect safari just got easier.

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Hello. My name is Marianne Birrell and I’m a safari planner and facilitator. My safari service started in 2001 and I call it a wild-space odyssey. I love creating unforgettable safaris for visitors to Africa, because that way, I get to share this continent and its fabulous natural treasures with you. It never feels like work, and together, we can find you the perfect safari simply and easily. (Hunting safaris are not offered; photographic safaris only.)

It always starts with a conversation.

The journey is first and foremost about you, and we help you minimise hours of research by eliminating unsuitable choices. Let us know about your likes and dislikes, your travel style, your wish list and your comfort level when you’re far from home. Here’s how.

Safari Talk!

We invite you to let us know a little bit about your preferences. Then let us do what we do best, and send you our safari ideas specifically for you. It’s that simple, and no obligation is required from you.

(To us, your details are sacrosanct. We will not share them with anyone else. Ever.)

(For example, sleeping out, extended walks, bird photography ... )
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Our service ethic.

My business is small and personal. I work closely with two great associates, John Grant and Ute Sonnenberg, within a wider network of safari specialists in all regions. We are responsible and knowledgeable, offering selected safari lodges and stand-out game reserves based on our many lodge research visits. Our price will be fair. We use sensible connections with meet-and-greet services at each stop, because every hour and every step on safari is important.

Planning your dream African safari.

We’ll share with you our safari tips on where, when, and how, as well as best value advice. Then we’ll help you get safari ready: secure your chosen lodge/s, arrange your transfers and best internal flights, and tell you what to pack. More background …

Our added value.

We have no vested interest in any one safari lodge or group. Our preferred lodges are not based on the level of commission paid, they are simply those that consistently impress us the most. Browse some of our safari plans …

Most asked safari questions.

It’s not for nothing that synonyms for ‘safari’ include expedition, trek and odyssey. It’s a big journey, and there is much to know. We share with you the questions most often asked by our clients at the early stages of our conversations and planning. See them here …

Lodges we love.

The perfect safari calls for great lodgings and great game rangers. The ones we love shine brighter than the rest, having character, charm, cuisine … you know, all those old-fashioned Relais qualities. Then add that extra something, a dash of magic. Here’s a taste of some we love.

They trusted us.

“From day 1, good recommendations to make our trip to our expectations. All 14 days were above expectations, hotels, transfers, lodging, all safaris both on water, by car, walks with rangers, service at all camps, just all perfect. We did six places in 3 countries all smooth. Good job Marianne!”

“Thank you for a beautifully planned trip, Marianne.”

“I normally do everything myself, but knowing that inside knowledge in Africa is very helpful, this time I went with an agent to set up a few safaris in South Africa. Marianne Birrell set everything up for me better than I could have done it myself after weeks of research.”

“Kruger park with Rhino safaris located in the parc was an excellant choice with an excellant guide for a walking safari, Victoria Falls visit and Batonka new lodges were again a perfect  choice for us. Chobe river was also a different kind of safari that we enjoyed very much. Finally our stay in the Okavango Delta with elephant so close from the tent and treking in the bush was a perfect choice.”

Step #1 to the perfect safari.

Talk Safari with us. It’s the efficient way to help you find the perfect safari. We can’t wait to share our intel with you! We’ve been there, done the research, found the good value. More here …

There’s more.

My front page is almost complete, and I have a treat for you, some pure safari inspiration.Your African safari will be the best journey you ever make, in our opinion. To press home the point, and for your delight, you are invited to take a few moments here and enjoy uber-wildlife photographer Shirli Carswell’s creations. Then bookmark both our sites so you can lose yourself in blissful safari dreams and ask us your safari questions.

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