Moments of magic ...

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A safari is one of the most fascinating and thrilling journeys you and your loved ones can take. Authentic, unspoiled wilderness areas are few and far between these days, so come find the magic. Feel it. Live it. You'll discover a world so wonderful, so out of the ordinary and so inspiring that you'll still be talking about it for many years to come.

You deserve the very best Africa experience. We are safari planners with a reliable, solid reputation; read what our past clients say about us. We'll give you value for money and expert tour planning.

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Choosing a safari can be a challenge.
A very time consuming one. Who to choose? Where and how? Plus a myriad other, smaller details. Many hours are involved; planning is the
sine qua non of a great safari.

Our all-inclusive booking service puts every last little detail in place. You will be met and escorted every step of the way. We connect all the dots, and pre-pay all the logistics. For your total peace of mind while on safari.

So ... what's next?

Tell us what you have in mind, and what you like, where you want to go, budget, timing, and so on. Tip: we recommend booking well in advance for availability at the best safari lodges, which are small by their nature, so they tend to fill up fast. The lodges we like to book are small, exclusive, luxurious (but without the frou-frou) and as authentic as can be - the "Out of of Africa" charm is all there.

The lodges we recommend offer safari suites with private en-suite bathrooms, guided wildlife viewing with accredited guides, and are fuly catered, with bar service. Our tours are private and you won't be joining a group. However, you may share a game viewing vehicle. Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? Then let's talk about your safari.

Marianne Birrell Safaris ~ taking care of all your safari details.