Moments of great joy ...

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Let your inner wild child out to play.

It's exhilarating, it's liberating; it's safari life! There is great joy to be found in Africa's wild places. The sort of joy that washes over you when you experience a thing of great beauty. You ... here. In the wild. Can you see it?

And isn't she lovely, this most elusive of the Big 5? A treasure chest of sights and and sounds awaits. And while you enjoy watching these rare, wild born creatures in their wild world, we make sure you're in the best digs.

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We help you realise your dream journey.

Meet your new best friends: your game ranger and his trusted tracker. At all of our preferred lodges, in all our preferred reserves, this is the team that keeps you safe, unwraps the best possible wildlife viewing, and makes every safari day fun and interesting.

We know how important this duo is to your safari.

What are the next steps?

First, work out a time of year that suits you. We always recommend booking well in advance. Why? Well, be aware that safari lodges are mostly very small, from 6 to 20 rooms only, so they fill up fast.

Next, decide on your style of safari. Do you want a no-fuss sort of safari, or is top-end more your style? Or perhaps something in between: touches of luxury in the good value bracket? Let us know. We have some winners up our sleeve.

Can't decide who should book the tour of your dreams for you? We would always recommend going to a local ie. a team that knows how things work, locally. Just in case. Not sure who's an honest agent? Look for those with a great track record (reviews are important), shortlist your top 5, make contact, then qualify them for speed, attention to your questions, and helpful level.

Your first response from an agent sets the tone for the rest of your dealings with your safari planner. Works every time; no guesswork involved.

Why us? Well, all of the above plus the fact that we have not only been to the reserves and and lodges, but we set the bar high - we are discerning and we look for that extra mile - just as you do.

Not sure how much to spend on all this? Like everything else, on safari you'll get what you pay for. Tip: last minute deals seldom if ever come up for the better lodges.

Remember to ask your prospective safari agent right up front "what are your wildlife ethics?" All too many safari operators are just not interested in the ethical aspect of wildlife. But we know that our clients DO care about this, and it's always satisfying to work with like-minded organisations.

Do contact us. We can chat, advise, direct, and recommend. Our aim is to create something entirely magical for you; it's what we do.

Marianne Birrell Safaris ~ your safari dream team in Africa.

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