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Where do we begin the search?” Right here. African safari tours for 2021 are abundant, with the different regions being individual and distinctive, offering the benefit of much choice. Above all, it’s important that your expectations are met, and therefore a key-points summary of some major safari regions is useful, as well as a good starting point.

Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Experience: the Big 5, very close up.
Added value: there is outstanding wildlife viewing all year round, moreover the safari lodges are sophisticated and modern, and the majority of game reserves are easy to access by road and air. A bit more …

Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Experience: an ecological jewel with stunning wildlife.
Added value: a rare experience of an unusual shallow-water delta within a desert. Remote and pristine, it offers superb game viewing, mostly water-based from dug-out canoes, but also with vehicle viewing at some lodges. A bit more …

Chobe National Park, Botswana.

Experience: abundant elephant herds.
Added value: large elephant herds are attracted to the Chobe River to drink, so game viewing is a combination of water-based and land-based experiences. Another great plus is its proximity to the spectacular Victoria Falls. A bit more …

Luangwa Valley, Zambia.

Experience: Africa up close and very personal.
Added value: this area is an explorer’s paradise, thus it is highly regarded for the walking safari experience. You get very close to Africa by touching, hearing and feeling it. It teems with wildlife and is still very uncommercialised. A bit more …

The Serengeti & Masai Mara, Tanzania & Kenya.

Experience: ancient force of nature on epic scale.
Added value: you’ll see infinite, shimmering vistas of stunning landscapes that form the quintessence of Africa. For front row seats to the greatest natural migration on earth, you come to this region, where the safari had its birth. A unique phenomenon during our age of dwindling wild spcies. creatures. A bit more …

Etosha, Namibia.

Experience: all the wildlife, all in your own time.
Added value: this region is bigger than Kruger, however it is essentially a desert. Consequently all the wildlife is concentrated around specific waterholes, or pans. As a result, game viewing is more leisurely and moreover more comfortable in winter months. A bit more …

Mana Pools & Matusadona, Zimbabwe.

Experience: some of the best safari guides in Africa.
Added value: an untouched country in the main, there is, as a result, very little commercialisation and a great sense of true wilderness. This is home to the Big 5 and a vast array of wildlife, and equally importantly some of the finest game rangers in Africa. In addition, the impressive Victoria Falls is on the doorstep. A bit more …

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More background.

Marianne Birrell is an ex-high school teacher turned journalist turned public affairs consultant who took a sabbatical, amid all that, to live and work in a pioneer safari lodge in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. Since 2001, MBS has been a focussed, highly personalised safari planning company. “We love to plan and discuss safari tours and options. We listen to you, then we offer advice. My associates and I grew up here, therefore we know the local conditions and can also offer you useful tips.”

More planning care.

Certain things are irrefutable, on safari as well as in life, for example the principle that you get what you pay for. Not all similar lodges are equal, and neither is the quality of all game drives. Furthermore, some critical details may not be included on a website, such as traversing areas and legitimate traffic on a reserve. A good safari planner, however, knows what to look for, where to find value and which reserves are prime.

Likewise, a good safari planner knows that part of the attraction of safari life is a sense of an open, wild, clean space unhindered by people or other vehicles. True exclusivity offers a profound sense of ownership of this environment, one of the key elements of a successful African safari.

While every client is different, each with an individual wish-list, all our clients nevertheless share a search criterion, namely excellence. An African safari easily qualifies to be the sine qua non of bucket list experiences, and excellence is therefore non-negotiable. We went looking for safari excellence, and we found it.
You’ll be dealing directly with us. Choosing a safari is a process not to be rushed. Indeed, it requires care and discussion before your perfect safari is agreed on, therefore you are best served by experienced and accountable decision-makers. In short, tour planners who know what works best, and where.

More fun.

Two daily game drives and a 1-hour game walk will take up a large part of your safari day. What’s it like? Astounding! Spectacular! There truly aren’t enough superlatives to do it justice. You can imagine, then, that your game ranger plays a big part in this experience. That being so, we think he’s the key to safari success. We therefore make sure all our African safari tours 2021 have all the elements.

More feedback.

Above all, we read the temperature of our success by client feedback, and work hard to maintain our reputation. Positive comments keep us inspired and drive us forward. For more reviews and feedback see comments posted on the SafariBookings platform. Here are a few more excerpts.

“It is sometimes frightening to know who to trust when planning such a large trip via Internet. Each step of the way, though, everything was done exactly when she said it would be and how she said it would be. Wonderful experience and cannot say enough about how responsive and caring Marianne is.”

“This was our first safari experience, but–as former airline employees–my wife and I are experienced travelers, including destinations in the Far East, South America, the Caribbean (lots!), Russia, and Europe (30+). Marianne gave us excellent advice with respect to when to travel, what to bring, where to stay, and what to see.”

I cannot use enough superlatives to describe the perfection of our mother/daughter trip Marianne designed for us! She thought of every detail ensuring both our comfort and safety.”

More reviews here …

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